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Mission: Nursing professional who are dedicated in providing quality health care that surpasses the JACHO standards in the MD/VA/Washington D.C. community

Value: Integrated Care Management employees believe in the value of quality nursing care as one of the components of holistic well being of the community

Goals: To provide the most qualified and competent nurse/behavior professionals to render excellent care patient at a time 24 hours a day/7days a week.

Philosophy: ICM believes that nursing care is one of the most important part of the wellness of a patient. The nursing care rendered by ICM staff includes respect and dignity and quality care, and the right to privacy/confidentiality.


See what our FAMILIES are saying about ICM

Salam Berhane

I had services for my autistic son from 2012 – 2022. ICM’s technicians were reliable, professional, and able to improve my son’s life tremendously. I would have preferred to continue using ICM’s services after my son turned 21 and aged out of the Autism Waiver program.

Francis Daminabo

I am currently using ICM’s services for my disabled son. The nursing staff is reliable, knowledgeable, and willing to work with the family to meet my son’s needs.

Ryan Betthalyn

I am extremely grateful for the exceptional care provided by ICM for my grandson. Their dedicated team goes above and beyond, creating a nurturing environment that prioritizes his unique needs.

Partnering with ICM

Since 2000 Integrated Care is committed to providing a direct one-on-one work that matters the most to you. Our strong understanding of the health care industry enables us to connect top healthcare talents to a variety of clients. Insuring a patient in need never goes without care.


OUR Openings

  • CNA
  • LPN
  • RN
  • Autism Technician
  • Mental Health & Behavioral
  • Therapy (PT, OT, Speech) (Special Educator)
  • Allied Health Professional
  • DDA Counselors
  • Office Staff