ICM – Autism Program is a private for profit organization that supports children with intellectual disabilities, primarily autism spectrum disorder. ICM is a strong advocate for personal choices since 2003.

ICM maintains a wide variety of programs to serve our individuals in Maryland. Our programs include:

Community Based Service Waiver for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Therapeutic Integration Program (After School)
• Individual Intensive Support Services
• Respite Services
• Youth Camp
• Family Training
• Adult life planning

Therapeutic Integration Program
After School Program
This is a structured after school or extended day program. Each participant will attend between 2 to 4 hours per day, Monday through Friday. This service is only available when Prince George’s County School is in session. The program is managed and supervised by licensed staff personnel with the assistance of aides who have had expierence in caring for autistic children. The maximum ratio of participant to staff is 3:1.

The program offers a lesson plan that will consist of:

• Therapeutic Recreation Activities
• Gymnastics – Tennis – Community Activities
• Socialization Regimen
• Expressive Therapy
• Speech Music
• Self Esteem Enhancement
• Behavior Management
• Group Counseling
• Communication Skills
• Behavioral Skills

Individual Intensive Support Services
One on One Service
Integrated Care Management will assign a Behavioral Management Technician to interact with your child in your home or out in the community for up to 40 Hours per week

The Behavioral Management Technician will provide structured activities geares to enhance your child’s life
Therapies include:
• Socialization
• Money Management
• Activities of daily living
• Implement daily living activity schedule
• Outdoor activities
Each technician is supervides by a licensed professional physiologist, social worker, special education teacher, or other licensed therapist.

Respite Services for Autistic Children
Quality respite care in your Home or Youth Camp

“Personalized Care one at a time”

Integrated Care Management will provide one on one quality respite care in your home or at our spring/summer youth camp.

We are
Family Relief – Quality Care – Family Peace of Mind
• We’ll paper your child.
• Maintain a safe environment
• Provide activities of daily living
• Implement daily activity interaction with your child.
• Abide with daily set goals
• Outdoor Activities

Committed to seeing your child succeed

Understanding your needs

Team work